18 Back to School Tips from the Green Vests

Moving back to school? Here are 23 dorm and apartment-friendly hacks to spruce up your new place with things you can shop at McGuckin Hardware, Boulder’s Favorite Everything Store!

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1. Strand lights on a dimmer switch can provide twinkly ambiance and reading light. The ability to adjust your lighting from the comfort of your bed is a bonus! When you’re in a lofted bed, the last thing you want to do is climb down to turn off the lights and climb back up in the dark.










2. Candles aren’t usually allowed in college dorms and apartments. If your space starts to smell funky, clip a car air freshener to the vent to freshen things up. This also works on fans!








3. Plants really liven things up. Succulents are a great addition to your room and are easy for the blackest of thumbs to keep alive!










4. Communal dorm showers are often riddled with fungus, mold and other undesirable microbials. To stay clear of these nuisances, be sure to wear rubber non-slip flip-flops or slides while in the showers.

5. For the commute to the dorm shower, use a shower caddy instead of juggling your soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, lotion, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, and dorm key down the hall.

6. When moving, keep your clothes on hangers and cover them with a trash bag. This saves so much time packing and unpacking!











7. 3M Command hooks are amazing for just about any hanging or organizing application









8. Poster Tack is a great alternative to thumbtacks/pushpins.









9. When it is time to move out or spruce up before Parents Weekend, holes from thumbtacks/pushpins are easy to fill with the right putty If you need to fill holes larger than this, you better stop by and chat with our Green Vests to find the best solution for your hole patch.








10. Don’t underestimate the foods that can be prepared in a microwave! Here are a few of our favorite recipes.









11. Instead of moving with cardboard boxes, use large plastic bins. They’re much sturdier, you can see what’s inside, and they are reusable.







12. Keep a nice sized first aid kit on hand for the occasional cut and save yourself from wandering from neighbor to neighbor to find a bandage for the razor nick or knee scrape









13. Use a clothing iron or hair straightener to make grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, etc. Don’t forget the aluminum foil!








14. Many dorm closets don’t have doors. Use a tension rod and a curtain to close up the space.












15. Keep important documents like your social security card, passport, insurance cards, medical prescriptions, etc. in a safe.









16. Good old WD-40 comes in handy for everything from squeaky door hinges, creaky chairs, bike seats that are stuck, dried out bike chain rings, and more!









17. Bring a small toolkit- screwdrivers, wrenches, batteries, etc.- and you’ll be the most popular resident on your floor! You’ll need tools to assemble furniture, fix your bike, adjust a thing or two. Always be prepared!









18. How about a large-scale print of almost anything you’d like- up to 4’x8’? Perfect for sporting events and adding interest to an otherwise empty wall!