ADAM'S POLISHES WS-BW2-16 Buttery Wax, 16 oz, Liquid, Fruity

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  • ADAM'S POLISHES WS-BW2-16 Buttery Wax, 16 oz, Liquid, Fruity

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    Protect your paint for months with this quick and easy wax application. At Adam's polishes, we believe that simple is always better and the application process for our buttery wax is just that. It doesn’t matter whether it is applied in the shade, sun, hot or cold surface, our buttery wax will effortlessly go on and off. Because it simply melts into any paintwork like butter, we gave it the name buttery wax.

    Net Content    :    16 oz
    Form    :    Liquid
    Odor/Scent    :    Fruity
    Color    :    Light Yellow
    Compositions    :    Naphtha (Petroleum), Hydrotreated Heavy, China Clay, Calcined, Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Ethyl Methylphenylglycidate
    Viscosity    :    5500 sq-mm/s
    VOC Content    :    14.83 %
    Flash Point    :    146 deg F
    Boiling Point    :    >65 deg C
    Flammability Rating    :    2
    Density    :    0.98 to 1.02 g/cc
    • Easy on, easy off application
    • Carnauba wax fortified with advanced polymers
    • Fills imperfections, leaving a flawless shine
    • Butter-yellow color, strawberry banana fragrance
    • Made in USA
    • Use a hex-grip applicator or microfiber pad to apply a thin, even layer of buttery wax to the surface one panel at a time
    • This is our easiest wax to apply and enjoy an easy process with incredible, professional results