J-B Weld 50099 Mixing Nozzle, For: J-B Weld 25 ml Syringes

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  • J-B Weld 50099 Mixing Nozzle, For: J-B Weld 25 ml Syringes

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    J-B WELD 50099

    J-B Weld® Static Mixers are easy-to-use attachments for any of J-B Weld® 25 mL syringes that allow for precise mixing of our two-component adhesives. Each mixer comes with 16 static elements to ensure complete mixing. The mixer tip can be cut to allow for larger and easier flow of material. The mixer opening should be adjusted as needed for thicker paste J-B Weld® adhesive materials or for a larger bead size, as desired. KwikWeld™, J-B Weld™, MarineWeld™, WoodWeld™ and PlasticBonder™ are all thicker paste adhesives that may benefit from a larger opening at the mixer tip. ClearWeld™, PlasticWeld™, and MinuteWeld™ should flow freely through all mixer opening sizes as they are more fluid. Do not cut the tip on or above the last tapered ridge as the mixing elements could escape. Each mixer should be used within the cure time of the product. Curing will continue for any mixed, but unused portions.

    Suitable for    :    J-B Weld 25 ml Syringes

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