5 Lesser Known Things To Do at McGuckin Hardware

5 Lesser Known Things To Do at McGuckin Hardware

1. Walk the dog DogCloseUp

Not many things get a tail waggin’ like McGuckin Hardware.  Customers have led their leashed furry friends to socialize them with people and other animals, or to just show their pet an old-fashioned good time.  Dogs can sniff around and experience the many scents of hardware land, and they usually get at least one special treat from some of our green vested animal lovers – if they really are color-blind, they sure can recognize our shade of green!  Let’s face it: the ‘Guck and canines just go together. Check out our album of furry customers here.

2. Challenge Our MacGyvers

Have a tricky project and don’t know where to start? Let our seasoned staff at the shop handle it! They have the tools, and they know how to use them.  Really, their creativity knows no bounds! While you’re at it, why not take advantage of all the their services?

  • Make copies of keys
  • Make cuts on almost anything
  • Bring in that old lamp that won’t light up anymore for rewiring
  • Screen door have a hole? The shop can fix it before screen door season!
  • Sharpen anything with an edge – like knives, gardening tools and lawnmower blades!

The shop knows there’s something rewarding in bringing new life to old objects. Give them a try: they might just surprise you!

3. Get Licensed 

We sell fishing and hunting licenses at the east side registers, and the adjacent Sporting Goods department has more than a few anglers and adventure seekers to point you in the right direction for memory making fun.  For Colorado fishing and hunting season dates, visit the Parks and Wildlife website.

4. Pick some brains

Feed your ceaseless imagination with life improvement projects, and get help when you need it along the way. From retired plumbers and electricians to avid gardeners and sportsmen, we have a trove of knowledge available throughout the store. These guys and gals have seen a few things in their respective tenures.  So go ahead, be part of the community and ask what’s on your mind.  You might get some great advice, learn something new and make a new friend too.   

5. Go go gadget hunting! 

Our buyers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest products to make life easier and more interesting.  We’ll try and keep up with ever-changing trends and newly patented prizes, and you can check our “What’s New” album on Facebook to stay current on what we find.