Ace Hardware Transition Info

As of January 1st, 2017, we transitioned away from the True Value co-op after 30 years of partnership to join the Ace Hardware co-op.

This does not mean we are “selling out” or surrendering our independence. Much like True Value, Ace’s co-op makes products and services available to smaller local businesses like ours so that we can compete with big box and online retailers. We are a customer-oriented business that is part of a co-op who supports customer-oriented family businesses. Right now, we buy from over 1500 vendors. After this transition, we will still buy from over 1500 vendors. If we didn’t do that, then we wouldn’t be McGuckin Hardware.

Benefits of an Ace Hardware co-op membership

Our new Ace Hardware co-op membership grants us the opportunity to be more efficient in customer service excellence, and makes more products available to our customers, when they need it. Ace offers an array of models and services available for their co-op members to use, but does not dictate which ones have to be employed (it is up to each Ace-affiliated business to decide which ones they would like to use). By using some of Ace’s models, McGuckin Hardware will maintain the customer service and products you expect, at the fairest prices possible. Some of the coming changes we are excited about will include:

  • The Ace Rewards program, which offers many benefits to our customers.
  • Bringing in iconic brands like CraftsmanBenjamin Moore, Nest and Yeti.
  • Remodeling parts of the store between February and May, 2017. We appreciate your patience as we make some improvements to the store’s layout, which will make McGuckin Hardware easier and more fun to shop. This remodel will be completed in time for the Spring Tent Sale in May.

We anticipate 2017 to be another great year, and our Spring Tent Sale should be the biggest one yet!

Thank you to all our loyal customers, and thank you for shopping local!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Did McGuckin Hardware sell out?

No way! McGuckin Hardware has been an independently owned family business since 1955, and will always be an independently owned family business. In order for independent businesses to be able to compete in a world of big-box and online retailers, they often join co-ops (which make bulk buying and services more accessible to smaller businesses). The transition to Ace Hardware means that we will buy approximately 20 percent of our product from the Ace Hardware co-op, just as we bought about 20 percent of our product from the True Value co-op for the last 30 years. The other 80 percent of our stock comes from about 1500 vendors, from whom we will proudly continue to buy.

No more “Vest Friends” rewards program?

As of January 1st, we have concluded our Vest Friends Rewards program. If you made purchases as a Vest Friend in our store between October 1st, 2016, and December 31st, 2016, you will receive an email with your last Vest Friends Reward coupon. Starting Monday, January 9th, 2017, we will begin to employ Ace Hardware’s rewards program, which offers our customers many benefits, including earning points for every purchase that can later be accumulated and redeemed as in-store credit. You can sign up for Ace Rewards here.

Am I going to lose my earned “Vest Friends” points?

No. If you made purchases as a Vest Friend in our store between October 1st, 2016, and December 31st, 2016, you will receive an email with your last Vest Friends Reward coupon, which will reflect the points you accrued during that period. 

What types of benefits come with an Ace Rewards membership?

1.Earn points for every dollar you spend. Points are accumulated at the end of each month and transferred into ace-rewards-program-join-nowcoupons redeemable for in-store credit toward future purchases.

  • Earn 10 points for every dollar spent
  • 2,500 points = $5 reward
  • Get 1,000 free points just for signing up
  • Points never expire (so you can save them for big purchases)

2. Instant savings in the store. Take advantage of constant rebates on products throughout the store–special deals that Ace members can redeem right at checkout!

3. Receive money-saving coupons. Enjoy regular coupons, customized to your preferences and meant to give you deals on the products you’re after!

4. Sale reminders. Know what’s on sale and when!

5. Helpful tips to take care of your home. Ace’s team of home and garden experts keeps you informed about the latest tips, tricks and trends from the home and garden industry.

Why do I have to give Ace Hardware my address?

To get the most out of your coupons. Some coupons are sent via email, but the majority of your personalized coupons (the ones that will be most relevant to the items you’re after) will be mailed to your address.  

I’m trying to sign up online, and Ace isn’t accepting my phone number.

In the phone number field, please make sure you are separating the groups of numbers with periods, and not dashes. For example, use 303.443.1822 instead of 303-443-1822.

I just signed up. Do I have to carry my Ace card to receive the points at the register?

After you enroll in the Ace points program, you can just give your phone number to a cashier at checkout time, however, if you signed up online, it will take up to a week for this feature to take effect, because it takes time for your customer information to be linked to your rewards membership number in Ace’s national system. So, if you just signed up today, and plan to shop with us within the next week, please bring in your temporary card number that Ace assigned to you after you signed up. You can keep this number handy by printing it out, or by taking a screenshot of it on a smartphone (and saving the picture to your phone’s albums for easy reference). This number will only be required during the initial processing time. After about a week, when your customer info is tied to your rewards number, you won’t need anything at the register to accrue and use points except for your phone number. In other words, after the week processing time, you will not have to carry a card around, because the cashiers can look up your account simply by giving them your phone number.

Where can I redeem my Ace Rewards points?

Ace Rewards points can be earned and redeemed at any Ace Hardware-affiliated store! If you have accumulated points at other Ace stores, you can redeem the rewards at McGuckin Hardware, and vice-versa.  

Why do my Ace Rewards coupons have expiration dates?

Points are tallied monthly to calculate the amount you receive on your reward coupon. An issued coupon expires at the time your next month’s issued coupon, however, any unused points will roll over to the next month and be added to the new coupon. In short, coupons expire, but points do not!

Can I look up my Ace Rewards points at a McGuckin cash register?

No. For your rewards account safety, only you have access to the information. Look up information related to your Ace Rewards account (including your current point balance) by signing into Ace Rewards online, or calling 1-866-290-5334

I am already an Ace Rewards member. Do I need to do anything else to earn points at McGuckin’s?

Nope! You’re already in the Ace national database and can continue accruing points when you shop at McGuckin Hardware by giving the cashier your phone number.

Still have questions?

Email us! We’ll get back to you shortly.