Are You Ready for Canning Season?

Are you ready for canning season?

You might also know this time of year to be, “What are you putting up?” season.

“What are you putting up?” is a common question asked this time of year. It refers to the home canning process whereby one “puts up” harvested crops for safekeeping and use later on. Food preservation is a wonderful way to hold on to the wonderful fruits and vegetables of your summer labor and enjoy them throughout the year.

Stop by to learn from our Green Vested experts, Sara and Barb, as they demo techniques, explain the supplies needed, and basically demystify the process of canning and food preservation. You will be inspired to “put up” after you’re done visiting with this dynamic duo!

Need to shop for canning and food preservation products?  Just click on the mason jar image below to see a few of the items that are available for purchase from our website. If you’d like to see our full array of products, just stop by the store.

Canning & Food Preservation jar

Canning & Food Preservation