Behind The Green Vest

Behind the Green Vest Book Cover

Behind The Green Vest

A book by Clay Bonnyman Evans (Author)

Book synopsis

McGuckin Hardware is Boulder as much as Boulder is McGuckin Hardware. “Behind the Green Vest” is a book to pay tribute to the iconic store that was created by Bill McGuckin, stewarded by his family, and grown by the Boulder community. It’s both an acknowledgement to Boulder for its support over the years and also a tribute to the innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity born up and down the aisles of the store.

The book highlights McGuckin Hardware’s role in the community, not only as an independent business suited to the needs of its residents, but as a platform to bring ideas from conception to reality. In that way the McGuckin model can be extrapolated to reflect the importance of independent businesses in general as the lifeblood of their respective communities, keeping money local and the “small town, downtown” spirit alive.

Go “Behind the Green Vest’ to get the inside story of your favorite Boulder hardware store!

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