Bento Box: Making Lunch Fun Again

Bento Box: Making Lunch Fun Again

Although the Bento meal dates back to 12th century Japan, it’s alive and well today– and with all the creative ideas we’ve seen floating around– it’s just what the packed lunch enthusiast needs to break up the monotony of midday mealtime.

Not only do these convenient trays have compartmentalized sections for any food group that could tickle a tummy’s fancy, they offer an opportunity for themed lunches so inventive, a hungry patron may hesitate to devour the scene before them, or at least maybe they’ll snap a picture for Instagram before digging in.

Ditch the Brown Bag

Most Bento containers are reusable, and that’s good news for the environment. Forget wrapping each and every sandwich in plastic wrap and going through countless boxes of plastic bags. The containers keep food neat and fresh, and at the end of the day they can be taken home and washed or traded out, so your Bento lives to see another lunch.

Be inventive with the compartments of a Bento lunch. If you can’t locate a box with ready made compartments, you can nest cupcake wrappers or smaller containers  into your box.

Believe it or not, their convenience also promotes nutritious eating habits, as someone excited about their tidily packed treats is less likely to wander through a fast food line when noon rolls around.

These lunches are as fun to pack as they are to eat, and without the daily requirement of paper and plastic bags, these seal-able trays can save you time, effort and money.   

Get Creative

There are many ideas online for home-made box designs, as well as recipes for foods to put in them. We pinned a number of our favorites on our Pinterest Board. Enthusiasts will tell you it’s important to add a full spectrum of colors to your Bento, balancing its fruit, vegetable, carbohydrate and protein contents with both aesthetics and nutrition.

What are you waiting for! Join the Bento movement, and see lunch in a whole new