Best School Supplies

Back to school time brings on some pretty mixed emotions, but we believe there’s always room to amp up the excitement! Here are some of our favorite products that might help make the daily grind a whole lot less grindy…

Best School Supplies


Thule Macbook Crossover – Thank goodness for gear heads, “Safe Zone” compartments are actually a thing! Thule’s Crossover provides ample room (and armored protection) for devices such as laptops, tablets, iPods and smart phones, while still accommodating your arsenal of note-taking, paper-writing, test-acing supplies.

Osprey FlapJack Pack –  Great for students that bike to class, this pack features reflector and blinker options for low-light visibility, as well as stylish colored straps that can be interchanged! It also features a padded laptop pocket and flat document sleeve, so your term paper comes out looking like it just left the printer, even after that long trek across town.

Jansport Superbreak packs – They’re oldies but goodies. And now these classic packs from Jansport feature different colors and prints so you can stand out on campus as your own perfect little snowflake.

Wireless Electronics

It seems that the long-awaited wireless revolution has hit and it’s picking up steam! Here are some of our favorite ways to ditch the cord:


Outdoor Tech ORCAS Active Earbuds – Crystal clear audio and hands-free phone calls from a range of up to 32 feet from the source, these headphones are built to stay in place, even through the sweatiest after-class workouts. Get six hours of use per charge, with a two-hour recharge time.

Red Fox EDGE Bluetooth Headphones – For active audiophiles that enjoy the wrap-around wireless style, Red Fox’s flagship Bluetooth headphones pass the test, without falling out! Get eight hours of use (music streaming and phone calls) per charge, with a one-hour recharge time.

Skullcandy HESH 2 – The newest generation of over-the-ears wireless features attacking bass and supreme comfort. They also come with a removable cord to continue listening when the battery gets low! 15 hours of music streaming on a full charge!

 Other Gadgets

Multilink Bluetooth Keyboard – Imagine doing all your note-taking, social media commenting and texting seamlessly on one keyboard. Control and switch between up to six Bluetooth enabled devices without ever taking your hands off this keyboard! It not only has built-in Android and iOS functions, it includes a built-in stand for propping a device!

Red Fox ROVER Bluetooth Speaker – This powerful little speaker is water-proof, dust-proof, shockproof and mountable almost anywhere! That means you can take the ROVER on a multitude of adventures, providing soundtracks anywhere from outdoor study session to weekend mountain trip.

 This and That

Here are some miscellaneous back to school items that we think are pretty cool and worth a gander! 002

  • Colorful Electric Weber Grills – For the bustling student with a full schedule, cooking can be a pain. Not only do these compact Weber grills allow you to enjoy that off-the-grill taste anywhere, they also come in a variety of cool colors. Watch the video.
  • Poo-Pourri – Don’t be that guy or girl, the one who clears out the study room near the loo. Keep a bottle of Poo-Pourri in your backpack, and you can stealthily take care of business, even if your crush is around studying for the big exam. Watch the video.
  • SolarFast Starter Kit – Use the sun to create high quality photographic art prints and t-shirts in a half-hour or less! Just paint the dye onto a blank medium or t-shirt, add a photo paper image or object to imprint, and let it sit in the sunlight. You’ll soon have a collection of permanent and unique prints to do with whatever you please! Watch the video.
  • And of course, don’t forget our full line of CU gear!