Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Shop

Opening November 23, 2019

If you’re looking for some live decorations to get you in the Christmas spirit, stop by our “branch office” to chat with our tree lot experts!

With one of the best tree selections around, we’ve got something for every fancy. There are aromatic trees to give your house a festive scent, two-toned trees that have a natural “frosted” look, heavy-branched trees for ornament lovers and miniature trees for even the smallest of studios!

Add to that a wide selection of wreaths, garland, holiday swag, boughs and mistletoe, and we’ve got your fresh decorations covered!

To start looking for the perfect tree to enliven your holiday motif, check out our Christmas tree selection guide. It features bios and specs of all the tree types we carry.

Included Services:

  • We’ll clean up branches from the bottom of your tree so it fits in the stand (sometimes it helps to bring your stand along so we know exactly where to trim)
  • We’ll put a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree before you leave the lot so it starts to drink water immediately when you get it home
  • We’ll tie or strap your tree on the top of the car so it gets to its new home safely!

(303) 443-1822