Department 56

Marsha Talks Department 56

Like Department 56 villages? So does Marsha.

Our holiday buyer, Marsha Haskovec, has been collecting Department 56 for more than 20 years! As you can imagine, her collection is pretty extensive by now.

So why does Marsha collect Department 56 villages and figurines? She loves to reminiscence about the holidays, the magic she felt toward them when she was little. That’s why, when Halloween decor rolls out in the stores, Marsha is already setting up her spooky village (that village transitions nicely into a fall-time village, which in turn evolves into full Christmas mode thereafter).

Marsha’s favorite part about Department 56? The stories! With the varying annual placements of the villages, their inhabitants and setting, she gets to tell her own unique story every season. For Marsha, it brings the magic she felt as a young lass right back, season after season.


Looking for Department 56? We know a few Green Vests that can answer your questions!