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Dorm Move-In

It’s dorm time and whether it’s the first time or you’re old hands at it, ‘Move-In’ time can be hectic! But don’t worry, McGuckin has your back. We’re Boulder’s Everything Store, so we’ve got what you need under one roof. No need to shuttle all over town to find one or two things at a time. Everything from small furnishings, lamps, clocks (clocks are important) to appliances, school and art supplies, even plants to maybe brighten up the room and keep it smelling… fresh

College Move-In Coupon

With this handy McGuckin coupon you’ll save 10% off of dorm supplies, school supplies and anything else that may happen to make its way into your cart.

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Don’t know what you need? Check out this handy guide for new students from CU’s website about moving on campus.