Fall Clean Up


There’s no one better to consult than the Green Vests when it comes to all things home and garden! Fall clean up is a chore that may not have immediate gratification, but with a little elbow grease, you can have your lawn and garden can survive winter and be well prepared for spring with a few “behind the scenes” activities.

Dethatchiing, Aerating and Fertilizing Supplies at McGuckin HardwareDethatch and Aerate Your Lawn

Thatch build up is caused by excessive clippings accumulating after moving. Raking after mowing can help reduce thatch build up.  Anything thatch over ½” in thickness should be considered excessive and removed.  Aeration helps air, soil activators and water circulation, thus ensuring a healthy grass in the spring.

Fertilize Your Lawn and Garden

Be sure to seek guidance from our Green Vests to select the best fall and winter fertilizer for your lawn and garden. Higher potassium content is what you’ll be needing for the winter months and will help make your lawn disease and drought resistant.

Bulbs at McGuckin HardwarePlant in the Fall for Spring Blooms

If you’ve been by our Garden department lately, you will have noticed the abundance of bulbs we have for sale. Many bulbs and tubers can be planted in fall (tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, daylilies, dahlias, etc.)


Frost Protection at McGuckin HardwareUse Frost Protection

Stop by our Garden department to pick up N-sulate Fabric or remay cloth.  Apply frost protection around delicate or late season plantings.



Gutter Clean Out and Repair Supplies at McGuckin Hardware

Clean and Repair Gutters

We have seen clogged gutters cause damage and sometime basement flooding when snow melts….so be sure to clear you gutters regularly. We have a variety of specialty tools designed specifically for gutter clean up! Head over to our Plumbing department if you find that your gutters are in need of repair – our Green Vests can recommend the right products to prolong the life of your gutters.

Patio Furniture Covers at McGuckin HardwarePrepare Your Deck or Patio

We recommend removing furniture from patios and storing them if possible. But if this is not possible, be sure to use sturdy furniture covers.



Shop Services at McGuckin HardwareCare for Tools

Before you give your garden tools the winter off, consider giving them a good cleaning and perhaps light oiling to protect them from corrosion. Take advantage of our Shop Services team to do some off-season maintenance, repair, sharpening, etc. so that your tools are ready to go at the first signs of spring.