CU Eco-Marathon Team 2016

We are proud to support our friends in the University of Colorado College of Engineering & Applied Science program who are seeking their third consecutive win at the Eco-marathon competition win in Detroit in April 2016.


Each year for the last seven, the University of Colorado has participated in the international Shell Eco-marathon competition that challenges student teams around the world to design, build, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. The Eco-marathon vehicle is a senior project and therefore each year the vehicle is redesigned by a new group of students.


The CU team has won the competition each year that we have supported them. Our involvement revolves around providing community support for these young engineers and to help defray the cost of building their prototypes in the “Alternative Fuel” category of the competition.


For the last two years have been named their vehicles Tatonka and Tatonkatoo (plays  on the Lakota word for Buffalo). We are awaiting the name of this year’s vehicle.


One of the most interesting design changes for this year’s vehicle are the plans to build the vehicle out of natural fiber composites (NFC) to increase the environmental and economical friendliness of the vehicle. Use of NFC’s reduces the embedded energy of the vehicle without compromising the  structural integrity of the vehicle.  NFC’s  have comparable strength-to-weight ratios  to conventional composites like fiberglass.


You can also follow the team’s progress by visiting their Facebook page.