Go Camping in Colorado!

Go Camping in Colorado!

The beauty of being a Coloradan– whether you’re a native or not– is the easy access to some of the best spots the great outside has to offer.

Fresh air, serene landscapes and sounds of wildlife are just some of the things that may steal your senses and make you forget about the bustle of city life for awhile.

Sounds like the perfect setting for a Colorado adventure, huh?

Memories are waiting to be made at the crossroads of nature– forests emptying into wildflower meadows, brooks trickling over rock ways and hidden waterfalls framed by backdrops of hulking snow-capped mountains.

How about just getting away from the air and light pollution and enjoying the crisp and unfettered night sky? With its conspiring spectacle of satellites and shooting stars, all one has to do is gaze upward to get a personal orchestra of the heavens, mysterious enough to alienate someone on their own planet.

In other words, if you haven’t experienced looking up at the stars away from the city lights, you’re missing something really cool.

And with camping, that’s just the tip of the marshmallow, so to speak.

Something about being outside seems to make you hungrier than usual. Campfires (where they’re allowed), are like the kitchen away from your kitchen, except they make seemingly ordinary food taste unreal.

Have a s’more.  S’more of what?  

The smoldering coals and dancing flames provide much more entertainment than a dining room table, especially for their storytelling effects and color-changing capabilities.

From start to extinguish, the excitement of a fire comes from somewhere within. It provides warmth on those high-altitude, chilly nights away from urban heat, lights up faces of loved ones and keeps annoying bugs away. Everyone loves a campfire, even if you have to chant “white rabbit” every once in awhile to coerce the smoke out of your face.

Go, Go Gadget Camping!

Just because you’re hanging out in nature doesn’t mean you can’t make life a little easier on yourself. The latest gadgets can enrich your time exploring the wild.

Need a charge? Meet Powerpot, the gadget that charges your device with the energy created by boiling water.There might not be any cell service at the campsite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your device for handy applications that you downloaded before you embarked.  Besides the obvious flashlight and compass apps, try ones that help you pack, cook or identify constellations.

Tired of tripping on tent lines, or constantly tightening them? Try the Figure 9 reflective tent line kit from Nite Ize, which keeps lines visible and taught with minimal effort.

Check out our favorite camp hacks, made from simple items around the house or from your local hardware store!

Colorful Colorado Awaits

There’s a reason our state is so aptly named. From the Maroon Bells to the Sand Dunes, Roosevelt National Forest to the San Juan Mountains, Colorado is the perfect playground for an outdoor enthusiast searching for their latest dose of eye-candy.  Many of the best spots are free, you might just have to wander off the beaten path a little more to find them.

The Maroon Bells

If you’re hesitant about heading out, try changing it up to make camping work for you!Hey, listen, we know that camping isn’t for everyone. But one good experience can be the catalyst for a lifetime of great trips.

If sleeping on the ground makes you shudder, try a hammock. Get a comfy camp chair that reminds you of the recliner back home in the living room. Play some fun camping games with friends and family.

The key to camping is relaxation, and people attain it in different ways. Sometimes leaving the comfort zone in a new environment is the first step to finding peace in a new place.

So, why not take asylum from civilization for a few days?  It will (probably) be there when you get back.

Careful! Before long, you might find out whose blood in your group the mosquitoes prefer. Whoa, who’s that DEET-soaked guy who just joined the campfire?

Oh, it’s just your brother, swollen with so many bites that he’s nearly unrecognizable. Give him another s’more and tell him a story, he’ll be fine.