Green Vest Picks: Dog Toys

We asked our Pet Department Green Vests to pick their favorite, most intriguing dog toys to share, and there were too many to list! They did, however, pick their top 5!

1. Orbee-Tuff Snoop

Customers rave over this unique puzzle toy by Planet Dog, which features a clear, deep, malleable pocket for stashing treats and toys. Not only does it keep dogs busy, it challenges them to find different ways to dispense the treasure inside.

Put in bone or a ball and watch their brain work as they try to nudge, nibble, squeeze their way to satisfaction. It’s safe, made in the USA, easy to clean–and guess what–Planet Dog sends 2 percent of purchase funds to canine service programs. Can’t beat that!

Watch the Snoop video here.




2. Hyper Pet Ball Launchers

Do you like playing fetch with your furry pal, but always run out of energy before them? Take throwing out of the equation!

The Hyper Pet K9 Kannon is a tube launcher that features a hands-free pick-up design (so you don’t have to bend over and strain your back–or deal with a slobbery tennis ball) and is equipped with various distance settings.

Watch the K-9 Kannon video here.

For distance doggies, the Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launcher is a slingshot-style launcher that can fling a tennis ball up to 220 feet, and it even comes with a hands-free ball pick-up!

Watch the HyperDog video here.


3. Hear Doggy chew animals

Squeak toys make dogs happy, but they make dog owners nuts. But, what if you could have the both worlds?

Hear Doggy toys change the whole game; they have ultrasonic squeakers that dogs can hear, but humans can’t!

That’s why we love this product, and we know it will get a few tails wagging as well.

Watch the Hear Doggy video here.




4. Nite Ize Light-up Toys

How could we leave out some of the most innovative light-up products on the market, from our local friends at Nite Ize?

From glowing collars to light-up balls and discs, this company has redefined nighttime fun with your pal. Featuring bright LEDs and waterproof designs, products like the Dog Discuit and Meteor Light K-9 prove that after-dusk playtime can be safe and fun, and even beautiful!



5. Spot Super Safe

Silicone dog toys ditch BPAs found in some products, and are some of the newest and most popular toys on the market. They’re safe for dogs and humans alike, bacteria-resistant and easy to clean (dishwasher safe).

Although not intended for aggressive chewers, Spot Super Safe toys are perfect for pets with sensitive teeth and gums. Their many ridges and bumps feel reward the chewer with a soothing effect that will keep them coming back.

They are even fitted with a hole, so they can be stuffed with a bone or treat, like frozen peanut butter!

Looking for more cool dog toys? Head over to the famous McGuckin Pet Department, where variety rules, and might make your dog drool. Bring Fido along to see which toy should be the newest member of their family.

Have questions about dog toys? Ask a Green Vest!

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