Holy Hardware Batman!

Holy Hardware Batman!

Welcome to your independent hardware voice!NorthFacade

Sure, we have hardware, and other stuff too…lots of other stuff… but we pride ourselves on ideas: getting creative to solve life’s little conundrums as they pop up, and sharing the ever-changing solutions to make peoples’ lives better.

We believe that if it takes a village to raise a child, then maybe it takes a hardware store to help out the rest of time, or maybe just to keep that inner child alive and kicking.

What’s better than seeing a project develop from concept to fruition?  Not much, in our opinion. Not only does the intrepid Do-It-Yourself-er get to enjoy the fruits of their effort/money saving improvement when it’s done, they get to bask in the accompanying piece of mind, a euphemism on which a price can’t be set.

The best thing?

We are a part of a community, and we’ve seen some of the most raw, brave, heart-touching stories come right to us from the residents with whom we interact on a daily basis. And that’s what drives us, makes us tick, gets our wheels turning. That’s why we’re still here, even with big business neighbors. We like that small town, downtown feel, and we want to share and improve upon our collective ideas, offering knowledge and advice wherever we can, from a myriad of specialties.

Stay tuned to this blog to be kept in the community loop from our angle.  If something affects us, it may affect you, and vice-versa, so we want to be a resource for making things better, like a compass of sorts…. a big, versatile, mostly green compass.

One thing’s for sure: hardware is only the beginning.