Home Winterization

Save energy and money this season by taking steps to winterize your home. There is a wide range of products currently available designed to quickly and inexpensively reduce heat loss and make your home more livable during the winter months. To simultaneously cut your energy bill and increase your comfort, use the product directory below to try a few of the following tips:

Use heat tape and pipe insulation to reduce freezing. Minimize ice dams and frozen gutters/downspouts with de-icing cables. Use faucet protectors and insulating backflow covers to shield exterior hose bibs and sprinkler systems. Help eliminate drafts with weatherstripping, draft blockers, attic blankets and window insulation kits. Wrap swamp coolers with canvas covers to reduce heat loss. Seal wall penetrations from weather and critters with spray foam insulation. Improve air quality and furnace efficiency by installing new furnace filters. Provide better airflow from registers with extend-a-vent kits, vent boosters and air deflectors. Reduce energy consumption with thermostatically controlled outlets. Improve hot water tank performance with water heater blankets and pipe insulation.

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