Life Hack Gadgets Make Back-to-School Easier

Life Hack Gadgets Make Back-to-School Easier


Seriously, this stuff is amazing. It’s pliable when you take it out of the package, can be molded into any shape, and hardens into a durable rubber.  Sugru has 1000s of uses and counting.  Use it to reinforce electronic wires, mount things, make knobs, add accessories to customize everyday tools, fix broken appliances and toys, stick things together, waterproof cracks and holes, create comfortable grips, and whatever else you can think of!

Making life easier is what Nite Ize does– they have a team of inventors whose full-time jobs are to dream up the latest and greatest gadgets– all with simplicity in mind. Gear ties have an incredible amount of practical applications for around the house, in the car, or on the go. Use it anywhere you would use a zip tie, and reuse it over and over! Do yourself a favor and pick up a pack of these beauties and step up your gadget game.

Reusable, waterproof hooks that use lots of little suction cups to stick evenly on any smooth surface. Attach and remove them easily to organize and secure things, almost anywhere!

Dry Erase Tape

A new spin on an old idea lets you make a dry erase surface anywhere you want! Perfect for impromptu task lists, calendars and doodling!

Easily removable and works with any dry erase marker!

If you spend a good amount of time outside, but are in constant need of an outlet, use the sun to charge your electronic equipment! These solar panels can lay out flat or attach to your backpack to charge a phone, tablet or laptop anywhere the sun is shining! And with 300 days of sunshine per year, what an apt investment for the techie or student!