Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Have you heard of a Little Free Library?

They’re those little boxes dispersed around neighborhoods that sort of look like mailboxes or birdhouses, except they’re filled with arrays of books that anyone can use.

It’s the “take a book, leave a book” philosophy — an exploding trend that gives anyone access to reading, and it looks as if it’s here to stay.

Little Free Libraries (LFL) are cherished in neighborhoods around the world, with (as of the beginning of this year) over 15,000 units and counting in every unique style imaginable.

Why are these mini-libraries so ubiquitous and why is their culture so well-received?

Well, they encourage reading for all ages and emphasize literacy, something that an increasing number of activists are advocating as a basic human need, right along with water, food and shelter.

They give us access to different perspectives, which increases empathy, decreases ignorance and makes us better people in stronger communities.

They empower words and keep our love of storytelling alive.

You never know what treasure you might find in a Little Free Library; a piece of literature you haven’t heard of might just be the one to change your life!

The best part: anyone can build one! It’s fun to and rewarding to assemble a kit or design your own for your community, and after all, you shouldn’t have to go far from your home to have access to reading!

In case you missed it, check out our LFL build that took place right here in the store, a workshop that successfully launched 24 libraries into Boulder and the surrounding area!

So feed your mind, and never stop reading (turns out, it’s pretty good for you)!

Here’s our favorite infographic on the topic: