Make Your Own Music

Make Your Own Music

In honor of some of our musically inclined staff and the Summer Colorado Music Festival, check out some ideas to make your own instruments out of parts from the local hardware store.

PVC Dideridoo


PVC Didgeridoo

A very easy to make instrument, crafted from PVC pipe and fittings.



Backyard Xylophone

Backyard Xylophone

A barbecue favorite.  Different lengths of boards make unique sounds when hit with a modified dowel. Have fun decorating them however you choose!


Washtub BassWashtub Bass

With just a metal washtub, broom handle, eye bolt and rope, you can slap the bass for friends and family!




Don’t forget the cowbellCowbells

We all love the SNL skit. Seriously, though, we have a great selection of these iconic noise-makers!


 If you haven’t seen them already, check out our versions of Pharrell’s “Happy” and the McGuckin Hardware Shake!

Other classic McGuckin musical moments: