McGuckin Hardware Launches First Pet Expo

McGuckin Hardware will host vendors, promotions, adoption services and “make your own” collar and leash demonstrations at its inaugural Pet Expo.

Boulder, CO –June 7, 2014—McGuckin Hardware, pet supplier and welcoming institution for leashed dogs and other pets since 1978, is pleased to announce its first Pet Expo, bringing food and treat vendors, trainers, photographers, adoption services and Do-It-Yourself aficionados together for an all-day, pet-friendly event on Saturday, June 21st.

“This store is all about pets,” said Will Lees, McGuckin pet department salesman.  “We love to see dogs, and the occasional cat or bird, come in to visit.  Bring them along!”

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) will also be present, an institution that has helped dogs, cats and other critters for 112 years, providing adoption services, training programs and veterinary care for animals in need.

“The Humane Society of Boulder Valley will be sharing the fun of agility with guardians and their dogs!” said Lisa Borgmann, HSBV development and events coordinator.

“We will provide a basic introduction to agility training and equipment, as well as some fun giveaways for you and your pet,” she said, “We’ll help you discover a wide variety of ways to enhance your relationship with your animal and help them continue to live happy and healthy lives.”

Volunteers from the local Summit Dog Rescue group, will be on site offering options for pet adoption.

McGuckin Hardware will also accept donations for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at registers inside the store.

Pet expert and photography consultant John LeMaster from Mike’s Camera, Boulder’s photography service since 1967, will be on hand with his sidekick Gus the dog, giving suggestions on how to take great pet pictures.

“John will have wall art and gift samples showing creative ideas of what you can do with your images once you have the perfect pet photo along with information on upcoming events and workshops to help you improve your photography skills,” said Nichole Shanks, marketing coordinator for Mike’s Camera.

“It’ll be fun,” said Store Manager Bernadette Tillis. “We look forward to seeing familiar faces visiting our first pet expo, as well as meeting new ones in this exciting event.”


About McGuckin Hardware

McGuckin Hardware is an independent, family-owned hardware store in Boulder, Colorado, employing an average of 285 people and stocking nearly 200,000 items in 18 departments. The store, founded in 1955, is based on product selection and customer service, and is known to be friendly to leashed dogs, DIY projects, entrepreneurs and the emerging Maker culture. It is referred to as the largest independent hardware store in the United States.