McGuckin Hardware Partners with Ace Hardware

Iconic Boulder Independent Hardware Store Joins International Ace Co-op

Boulder, CO –October 19th, 2016—McGuckin Hardware, a celebrated community institution for the last 61 years in Boulder, will discontinue its membership with the True Value co-op as of December 31st, 2016, and start buying from the Ace Hardware co-op as of January 1st, 2017.

Co-ops are vendors that provide independent stores with the opportunity to pool their buying power to purchase bulk merchandise, saving money and keeping prices as low as possible in order to compete with larger scale big box retailers. This helps smaller, service-based stores stay relevant in their respective communities.

“This does not mean we are ‘selling out’ or surrendering our independence,” said McGuckin President Barry Hight. “We are a customer-oriented family business that is part of a co-op who supports customer-oriented family businesses, and this will be an excellent opportunity to jumpstart our operation and define our legacy for the next 60 years.”

McGuckin Hardware was a former member of the Ace co-op in the mid-1960s. They joined True Value in 1986, and were part of that co-op for 30 years. The move back to Ace aligns with McGuckin Hardware’s ongoing commitment to provide the Boulder community with relevant product when they need it.

“We are excited to enter our next chapter,” said McGuckin Store Manager Bernadette Tillis. “It gives us a better vantage to serve the community and meet our customer needs. We look forward to more people coming in and checking it out!”

McGuckin Hardware proudly sources its diverse stock from many vendors—and those existing relationships will not be affected by this transition.

“Right now, we buy from over 1500 vendors,” Hight said. “After this switch, we will still buy from over 1500 vendors. If we didn’t do that, then we wouldn’t be McGuckin Hardware.”


About McGuckin Hardware

McGuckin Hardware is an independent, family-owned hardware store in Boulder, Colorado, employing an average of 250 people and stocking over 200,000 items in 18 departments. The store, founded in 1955, is based on product selection and customer service, and is known to be friendly to leashed dogs, DIY projects, entrepreneurs and the emerging Maker culture. It is referred to as the largest independent hardware store in the United States.

About Ace Hardware   

Ace Hardware was founded as a co-op in 1924 by a small, Chicago-based group of hardware store owners in an effort to enable even the smallest stores to compete effectively at retail despite larger stores in the market. Almost 98 percent of the 4700 stores Ace is affiliated with are independently owned by local entrepreneurs.