McGuckin Hardware to Stop Selling Neonic Pesticides by Spring 2016

McGuckin Hardware will discontinue neonicotinoid chemicals beginning in January 2016.

Boulder, CO –December 31, 2015—McGuckin Hardware has begun phasing out all products containing neonicotinoids, a class of systemic pesticides tied to global pollinator die-offs, with the goal of becoming a neonicotinoid-free establishment by the spring of 2016.

The hardware store and garden center kept a dialogue open with community environmental groups and local non-profits about bees and other declining pollinators as the issue progressed over the past several years.

In November 2014 McGuckin signed Bee Safe Boulder’s pledge to become a “Bee Safe Retailer,” agreeing to make concerted efforts to purchase from vendors who do not use systemic pesticides to treat their seeds and outdoor plants, to clearly label remaining neonicotinoid products as having a potential impact on bees and other pollinators, to educate customers on the potential effects of these chemicals on wildlife, and to encourage alternative means of pest control that focus on keeping ecosystems healthy.

The retailer also hosted Bee Safe Boulder’s open house in April to garner public feedback on the City of Boulder’s resolution to discontinue use of neonics on all city-owned and managed property—a resolution that passed with a city council vote last May.

McGuckin Hardware plans to sign an updated “bee safe” pledge to continue its commitment to avoid neonicotinoids and educate customers with inquiries about alternatives to using synthetic chemicals on their landscapes.


About McGuckin Hardware

McGuckin Hardware is an independent, family-owned hardware store in Boulder, Colorado, employing an average of 285 people and stocking nearly 200,000 items in 18 departments. The store, founded in 1955, is based on product selection and customer service, and is known to be friendly to leashed dogs, DIY projects, entrepreneurs and the emerging Maker culture. It is referred to as the largest independent hardware store in the United States.

About Bee Safe Boulder

Bee Safe Boulder is a Colorado non-profit dedicated to creating “cleaner, healthier and more biologically diverse urban and suburban environments” for not just wildlife, but all life. The non-profit works with residents, businesses and government to raise awareness about the plight of pollinators, the effects of chemicals on the environment, and alternative methods in pest management that are more conducive to long-term health.