Vest Friends

We are pleased to offer this rewarding loyalty program to our customers.  Participating Vest Friends receive:

  • 2% in reward points for every dollar spent
  • Member-only discounts and special events.
  • Exclusive event access
  • Monthly newsletters

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Participation

McGuckin Hardware Vest Friends Rewards (Vest Friends) program is administered by McGuckin Hardware, a division of Hight Enterprises, LTD.

McGuckin Hardware Vest Friends program is a free benefit to customers of McGuckin Hardware and is completely voluntary.

All McGuckin Hardware individual customers 18 years or older are eligible to participate.

Eligible customers may enroll at the point of sale with an associate or by completing an Enrollment Form online or in-store. No purchase is necessary to enroll. Only enrolled participants are eligible to earn rewards in the program.

Changes in account information can be updated by contacting  Once you create an account and are logged into the website, you may make changes to your account.  It is your responsibility to notify McGuckin Hardware of any changes to your account.

Participants cannot change their enrollment date.

Participants will not receive cash back or store credit for purchases less than the Vest Friends reward value.

Vest Friends Rewards carry no cash value, cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.  McGuckin Hardware is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or unauthorized use of rewards.

Vest Friends Rewards expire 90 days after issuance dates of January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Vest Friends Rewards certificates may be used in conjunction with bonus point coupons.

Participants may cancel their account at any time by calling (303) 443-1822 or by email

Point Accumulation, Transfer and Account Merging

Enrolled participants earn rewards based on dollars spent online or in-store at McGuckin Hardware.

For every dollar spent, you will earn 2% in Vest Friends Rewards.  Rewards will be credited on the total purchase amount less federal, state, local or other taxes and items excluded from the program. Purchase of McGuckin Hardware gift cards do not qualify for rewards accrual; purchases paid by McGuckin Hardware gift card do qualify for rewards accrual.  Each quarter all customers’ Vest Friends Rewards earned will be evaluated based on their previous full quarter’s eligible purchases.

Participants living at the same address may have their rewards accumulate together as a household. One master account holder is assigned the point balance and transaction history used in the Vest Friends program. Participants cannot transfer rewards from one account to another.

Participants must present their McGuckin Hardware Vest Friends Rewards card or provide their Vest Friends Rewards account number and some form of identification in order to earn rewards on purchases. Exceptions will be made solely at the discretion of the McGuckin Hardware store management.

Vest Friends Rewards earned for purchases that result in returns or refunds will be deducted from Participant’s account.

Purchases prior to the date of enrollment are not eligible for rewards

Vest Friends Rewards will be credited to Participant accounts within 30 days.

McGuckin Hardware reserves the right to alter the rewards structure. Please see store for details on restrictions or rewards structure modifications.

If you suspect an error in your rewards balance, please bring this to our attention by calling (303) 443-1822 or email We will investigate any potential discrepancies and correct any errors.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Vest Friends Rewards Participants who lose their program card may receive a new card in-store at McGuckin Hardware.  The original account number will be linked with the new account number and rewards will be merged into the new account number.

Participants are encouraged to write down their card number to allow for proper crediting of rewards to the new account number.

McGuckin Hardware is not responsible for any Vest Friends Rewards account activity prior to a reported loss or theft.

Additional Program Terms

Communication regarding special events, rewards, etc. related to the Vest Friends program shall be done via email, social media, web site or combination of any of these media only. Communications via postal mail is not available for the Vest Friends program.

Vest Friends Rewards cards remain the property of McGuckin Hardware and must be surrendered upon request.  McGuckin Hardware reserves the right to disqualify anyone from participation in the program and to immediately invalidate all rewards accumulated or presented based on abuse, fraud, or any violation of the program terms and conditions.

McGuckin Hardware reserves the right to determine the number of rewards for any item, department or purchase transaction.

McGuckin Hardware is not responsible for any unauthorized McGuckin Hardware Rewards redemption.

Determination of any tax liability related to rewards and point redemption is the sole responsibility of the Participant. Participants are responsible for determining, recording and paying all federal, state and local taxes.

Vest Friends Rewards program and offers are only redeemable at McGuckin Hardware and is void where prohibited by law.

McGuckin Hardware reserves the right to cease participation, restrict, suspend, change or cancel the terms and conditions of the program and any associated offer(s) at any time without prior notification.  Participants shall not be entitled to use accumulated rewards if McGuckin Hardware ceases participation, suspends or cancels the Vest Friends Rewards program.

McGuckin Hardware also reserves the right to offer a modified Vest Friends Rewards structure for certain items or departments or to exclude certain types of purchases altogether from inclusion in the Vest Friends Rewards Program.

Except as indicated herein, the program may not be combined with any other offers.

In all matters relating to the interpretation and application of any rule or phase of this program, the decision of McGuckin Hardware shall be final.

Customer Service

For details on the program or rules, please contact a McGuckin Hardware store manager.  You may also contact McGuckin Hardware Rewards Program Customer Service online at or by calling (303) 443-1822.


Revised 10.07.15

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