Pet Expo 2019 Registration

You are receiving this message because you have attended our previous Pet Expo(s).  Before we invite other vendors to attend, we would like to give you the opportunity to register first.  We will open up the invitation to other vendors at the end of October.

It’s time to get ready for our Pet Expo 2019! Mark your calendars for June 1, 2019, 10:00 am-4:00 pm for a fun time with furry friends and their human parents!

The Changes

  • In years past, we have provided pop-up tents to those of you that were unable to bring your own.  Unfortunately, we don’t have as many to provide this time around. Please bring your own pop-up tent The footprint of the pop-up tent should be no larger than 10’x10′. Tents with footprints larger than 10’x10′ will not be allowed.
  • With the growing popularity of our Pet Expo, we must now add a registration process to better manage the event.  The event will continue to be free of charge.
  • We will be adding astro-turf to cover that hot asphalt to protect the paws of our furry visitors.
  • With so many of you generously providing free giveaways for our visitors, we need to ask that you refrain from having saleable items from our store in your booth. Customers are often unintentionally confused by the presence of products at your table and have mistakenly put items in their shopping bags without paying for the item.  To prevent this, we will provide a “Mini McGuckin Shop” outside at the Expo that our Pet Department team will stock with your products.  You can direct your visitors to the shop to pick up items that they find of interest at your table. Our Pet Department team will contact you prior to the event to compile the list of items that you would like to see in our mini shop.

The Usual

  • Our event opens to customers at 10:00 am and concludes at 4:00 pm.  Please allow enough time to set up your area prior to the 10:00 am start.  With limited parking in our lot, moving your car away from the venue to allow for more customer parking would be greatly appreciated.
  • A big draw to our event for our customers are the generous free drawing prizes that you provide.  So please keep them coming!  We will provide drawing boxes, entry forms, and pens. When our event concludes, just leave your prizes with us along with the drawing entries and we’ll take care of notifying the winners at the beginning of the week following the event.

Want to get in on the action? Register here:

Pet Expo 2019 Registration

June 1, 2019, 10am-4pm
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