Great Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Shop Local

This year, we’ve seen a wonderful and optimistic effort to shop closer to home! That means the hard-earned dollars of our residents–the people who also happen to be our friends, family, colleagues and coworkers– stays in our community. And that means a better place to work, with more jobs and opportunities, and a more enriching place to live and play.

Spending money at independent businesses is investing in the community where they reside. Not only does it keep the doors of smaller shops open, it keeps the “small town, downtown” ideology alive, maintaining the neighborly atmosphere that helps people work together to get through day-to-day conundrums, complete projects and accomplish goals.

We are proud to be a community institution that in some ways transcends the cut-and-dry business model. People come into our store, not necessarily to buy something every time, but to catch up with friends, to see what’s new, and to share what’s going on in the world. They band together when there’s adversity and look for the best solution. And we think that’s just about the coolest thing there is.

So to all of our loyal customers who take the time and effort to shop locally, we want to say thank you!