Switching to Energy Efficient Bulbs: Too Good a Deal to Miss!

Thumbs up for LED, thumbs down for incandescent bulbs

Thumbs up for LED, thumbs down for incandescent bulbs

The hesitancy around LEDs in their infancy can be understood; sure, they used a heck of a lot less energy- but they weren’t dimmable, had the tendency to flicker and were only available in a “cool, sterile, blue bulb.” No wonder residents lollygagged instead of running to the nearest store to pick up a pack of newfangled bulbs.

They even put out the same amount of light with only about one quarter of the wattage consumption of old bulbs, cutting the light portion of residents’ power utility bills by up to 75 percent in one billing period. Enter: the new generation of LED- smarter, faster, stronger, and the harbinger for getting rid of wasted light energy around the home or business. In fact, the main focus of energy-saving bulb makers in recent years has been tailoring them to look and feel like their incandescent predecessors. They are now capable of dimming, come on instantly without a warm-up period, and are available in warm colors.

The best part? Chances are, thanks to rebates Xcel Energy offers, Colorado residents can replace their existing incandescent bulbs energy-efficient alternatives for cheaper than it would cost to buy another round of the old-style bulbs. The rebates-ranging from 60 to 90 percent off from the leading brands- are instantly applied at the time of purchase, so there’s no waiting for a snail mail reimbursement.

Excel Energy Rebates Graphic

CFLs, or compact fluorescent bulbs, are the LED’s not-quite-so hip cousin, but they’re still hipper than filament-dependent incandescent bulbs. They’re often seen (but not always) as those spirally bulbs that you’re supposed to be careful with should they break and release their mercury content. Don’t worry though, because the amount of the heavy toxic metal is so minute, that it would take many, many bulbs to create a situation hazardous to human or pet health. That’s why, as the Green Vests will remind, it’s important to dispose of CFLs in an accredited waste-handling institution. ¬†McGuckin Hardware is able to accept your used CFLs (bulbs only, no tubes) and will safely dispose of them at no charge to you.

LED light bulb lit

LED Bulb

Just for comparison, based on the estimated average bulb usage of about 3 hours per day, old-style incandescent bulbs will last about a year, CFLs will last 9 years, and LEDs will last about 22 years.

Keep in mind that Xcel’s rebates apply not only to LEDs, but to CFLs as well, and these deals run through the end of 2015 on energy-efficient favorite brands like Earthtronics Earthbulbs and Greenlite bulbs, in multiple shades and styles.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to shatter the misconceptions of LEDs and inform people to see the light. Really, with this deal, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain… and calm down, Mr. Edison, everything has its time to shine before something else illuminates even brighter!

Greenlite CFL 13 watt 4-pack

CFL Bulb

Stop by to check out our array of deals qualifying for the Xcel Energy rebate, including this four pack of CFLs for only $1. If you’d like to talk with a seasoned Green Vest from the Electrical Department, click here.