Tailgating With the Best of ’em

It’s that time again. No matter who you’re rooting for, or if you even make it into the stadium for the game, there’s always fun to be had at a tailgate party.  Below are some interesting statistics about America’s favorite pregame past time.


Find out interesting football tailgating statistics and facts in this tailgating infographic.

Who Tailgates the Most?

By Age

 4%     12 – 20 years old

60%   25 – 44 years old

  9%   over 55 years old

By Sex

79%  male

18%  female

By Education

23%   have high school diploma

59%  have college degree

14%   have graduate degree

Between Weber smokers, Big Green Egg grills and Coleman stoves, we’ve got you covered!

To Cook, or not to Cook

How do Tailgaters Eat?

95%   prepare food at the stadium

5%     bring fast food or prepared food


Cooking Apparatus  

1%    use a smoker

1%    use a stove

39%  use a grill

59%  use a combination smokers, stoves and grills

Fans on Facebook

CU Buffaloes          49,465 likes

Denver Broncos    3,203,916 likes

Peyton Manning   1,970,733 likes

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