The Ironfan Experience

McGuckin Hardware Welcomes IronFansIronman Boulder is among us. The world-famous triathlon returns to Boulder for the second time this Sunday, featuring world-class athletes giving it their all on water and land.

But what if you’re just watching? Wait, you mean you don’t want to swim 2.4 miles, bike 122 miles, and then follow it up with a nice 26.2 mile run? What’s wrong with you?!

Just kidding! We get it, but that’s why it’s imperative to be support your Ironman athlete as an Ironfan.  Yes, we’re talking about enthusiasm, motivation and, above all, fun! Ok, we know it’s recently become your goal to be the world’s best Ironfan, but just know that you don’t have to climb that daunting mountain alone.

We’ve put together a small list of essentials for to take your Ironfanning to the next level, and then some.

Treat your back (and butt)

A good chair is the difference between pain and reign (as in, reigning your little piece of sideline in comfort and style). The average Ironfan typically waits at least eight to nine hours for their athlete to span the length of the course. Invest in a good chair, and your body will thank you later.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

  •  The Strongback Zen Chair – This beauty brings together lightweight portability and long-term lumbar support. Perfect for extended periods of sitting, cheering while sitting, or making nearby sitting spectators jealous with your excellent posture!
  • The Gci Outdoor Wilderness Recliner– Built for shear comfort, this one’s a little harder to transport. But, did we mention the comfort? The intoxicating, unbeatable comfort? Actually, on second thought, you probably want to watch the race and not sleep through it, so maybe save this one for the beach. Seriously though, sit in this chair sometime when you have the chance.
  • Elite Guard Chair- This chair is disciplined and equipped… with a cooler, cup holder and trash basket! Perfect for taking along and setting up base camp without having to get up or holler at someone for another cold one.

Cool Off

It’s summer. It’s hot. Check out our full line of sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, water bottles, as well as our arsenal of water squirting accessories. And be nice, would ya?

More Cow Bell

You know the skit, but when you could use just a little more of America’s favorite underrated instrument, we’ve got you covered! Choose from four sizes of cow bell to ensure your athlete hears your cheers!

Fans: Stop by our store this Saturday, August 1st from 11am-2pm for IronFan Saturday, where you can make signs to support your athlete (free; first come, first serve) and pick up last minute supplies to become the world’s best Ironfan.

Athletes: Stop by to pick up last minute supplies for the race, like Chamois Butt’r, Women’s Chamois Butter, Body Glide, Women’s Body Glide, and Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

Check out the recent Daily Camera article about Ironman spectators!

For traffic impacts on Boulder County during race day, click here.