Behind the Green Vest

The “old guard” of the hardware store never had a name for the McGuckin Way.

It was what it was: just Dave Hight’s way of doing business. Hardware veterans employed by the store for decades may not have realized upon their hiring what sort of impact Dave’s model would have on the community at large. They certainly realize now, amidst long careers and 60 years after Bill McGuckin first opened the doors, that they were part of something much bigger.

The McGuckin Way was always there, but the term describing was coined more recently. Clay Bonnyman Evans, a celebrated
local author, freelance journalist and Boulder native, recently debuted “Behind the Green Vest,” a book about McGuckin Hardware, it’s Boulder upbringing, and the cast of charactersMcGuckin-Cover_Flat who make up its legacy.

Evans’ words paint a vivid, heartfelt story of early Boulder and its retail roots. It’s a love story, not just between Dave and Dee Hight, but between a town and its hardware store. It’s a book that chronicles from local history to form a clearer image of the meaning of community, and what we should do to keep it alive and kicking well into the future. It’s a funny, light and entertaining recollection of a quirky hardware store that grew with a quirky city over 60 years. Most of all, it narrates all the serendipitous components that fell into place to form the McGuckin Way.

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Don’t miss the “Behind the Green Vest” book signing with author Clay Evans and owners Dave and Dee Hight, Saturday, September 12th from 11am to 2pm at McGuckin Hardware.